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Hormonal Release Treatment - Now available in Jersey
This hormonal release treatment was developed by Trevor Rose with a gynaecologist. Trevor Rose’s wife was suffering badly during cancer treatments and urgently needed treatment to stimulate her hormones. Her body had been rejecting the cancer treatment drugs. This hormonal work prompted them to develop other treatment moves for varying conditions listed below. No chemicals or drugs are used. They used a light rolling movement with fingers and thumbs through light clothing with a focus on the gluts, kidney, coccyx , jaw, and lower abdomen. There are important pauses between these moves, which give the body time to benefit from each set. This is not a painful or uncomfortable treatment. The light moves at the jaw are to impact on the pituitary or master gland through the sphenoid bone. Each treatment comprises sequences of small, gentle movements, each at a specific site on the body using light Bowen moves. The moves are credited with triggering and empowering the body’s natural healing forces allowing a free flow of energy around the spine, extremities and body organs. Where fertility is the issue both partners are often treated. Planning is necessary with a fertility treatment chart to calculate the best treatment days so please consider this when booking The first treatment is preparation for the others and to ensure the pelvis and key areas are in balance to receive the work. Hormone release treatment is commonly used to treat the following presentations :-:
For Women For Men
Pubic symphysis release SPD
Menstrual Pain
Irregular Periods
Post Natal - Balancing
Mood swings
Weak bladder
Sleeping problems
Loss of milk production

Enlarged Prostate
Loss of libido
Weak Bladder



It is suggested that a course of 4 treatments is taken a week apart to optimise the treatment effects but this can vary on the condition.
If required Graham can normally arrange treatment during and outside working hours.
The Bowen treatment is usually through clothing.
Payment is required at the end of the treatment.
(Please note that credit/debit card facilities are not available)