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Will the treatment hurt?
“The gentlest most effective pain therapy ever” Dr Robert Brown

How many treatments will I need?
Booking three sessions for a short term acute condition is recommended. However long standing chronic conditions may require several more Bowen treatments. It is recommended that three sessions are arranged initially with a 5 to 10 day gap between each treatment. If further treatments are required these may often be spaced out over a longer period. Top up’ maintenance treatments are recommended in order to keep the body balanced, supple and relaxed and prevent a recurrence of any previous health problems.

Does Bowen therapy work with other therapies?
Whilst Bowen therapy is safe and suitable for all conditions, to gain maximum benefits it is recommended that it should not be mixed with any other hands-on therapy for five days before or after a Bowen treatment.

How long does a treatment last?
A session lasts under an hour. As assessment is made within this time. The treatment is usually over 45 minutes or less. The total session will be 60 minutes or less.

The treatment is done through clothing so it is best to wear loose fitting clothes and not jeans. If you forget a robe is available to change into if found necessary.

24 hours notice is required to avoid the full cost of the treatment being charged.

How to book?
Do e-mail or ring 07797720828.Please leave a message if Graham is working and unable to respond.