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the Natural Face Lift Massage

The skin is the largest organ in the body being over two square metres and it gives an indication of your overall well being. Poorly nourished skin and stressed out facial muscles also do nothing for your looks. However the Natural Face Lift Massage and Facial Rejuvenation work with your body’s natural anti-ageing defence systems to create the change needed. The gentle face massage moves calm and soothe away stress.

Do you have a special event coming up why not book a course a week apart for 6 weeks? You only pay for 5 as the 6th one is free. Exercises are given to maintain the benefit.

How does the Natural Face Lift massage work

The repetitive movements over the face involved in the Natural Face Lift Massage tone the collagen and elastin fibres allowing the connective tissue to regain its freedom and elasticity. Tissues will glide over deeper layers of muscle and bone after treatment. The skin looks younger. Without muscular tension the flow of blood and lymph are improved for cell growth and repair. The build up of toxins which causes the saggy puffy grey faces can be removed by the acupressure techniques in the Natural Face Lift Massage

Our nervous system allows us to appreciate and react to our environment. It also regulates bodily functions. Gentle, targeted and repetitive moves in the Natural Face Lift Massage calm and soothe. A rapid relaxation response is induced which causes one to feel more positive about life. Biochemical changes will occur as a result of leaving the client feeling nurtured, respected, de-stressed, and cared for. The immune system is encouraged to produce more antibodies when so stimulated.. This is important where the immune system is diminished in efficiency by stress and depression. The connection is clear between mind , body and spirit. This connection is very much part of the Ayurveda principle which form much of the Natural Face Lift Massage.

£60 for a 45 minute session.